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Wiley E. Dane, at your service...I thought I'd add a middle initial to make myself seem mysterious and cool and make you want to adopt me! I am a good looking Harlequin Dane who was born 12/26/13...yep that's right folks you get to celebrate two days in a row that are special. I am of course house trained...that pottying inside is for those youngsters.

Dukey dawg is in the house! This handsome fellow is a 2 yr old, blue brindle Neapolitan Mastiff. Duke is a total sweetheart who is need of some extra meals to get some more meat on his bones. He is potty trained but was being left outside a lot with his previous owners so his foster family will be making sure that he remembers where to go potty while enjoying all in the indoor comforts again.

Laura is looking for a quiet home to lay her you have room on your couch? Laura is a gentle, 5 yr old , fawn English Mastiff who found herself at a humane society in search of a new home and they contacted us knowing that we could find that for her. A place where she'll be happy, safe, fed and loved for the rest of her days. She walks nicely on a leash and she's a super mellow, friendly girl with people big and small.

Look at me, I'm one of kind! If you were going to design the perfect giant breed mix, it would have to be a cross between a Newfoundland dog and a Bernese Mountain dog. Well look no further, here I am! Badger is my name, which says a lot about my adorably-kissable face, not my temperament. You see, like my Newfie ancestors, I have a sweet personality.

Bo is a 1.5 year old mantle Daniff who was found wandering in a church parking lot where a good Samaritan took it upon themselves to take this boy in and search for his family. None was found but Bo's prayers were answered because he now finds himself healthy, happy, with regular meals and great vet care. Not to mention a foster family that is lavishing him with praise and teaching him all about being an indoor guy - two things he is enjoying immensely!

Brazos the 4 year old Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix was born at an animal sanctuary and has lived there all of his life but he's ready to move onto bigger and better things and become the indoor pet he has always dreamed off! The sanctuary that Brazos has only ever known as home is closing down but we were more than happy to bring him into our program and go on the search for the best home for him to lay his paws for the rest of his days.

Success Stories

Ben the Great Pyrenees here to tell everyone about my new human! Matthew from Golden, Colorado chose to adopt me, and I'm so happy! I'll be the only pet, but his parents have five hound-dogs that I'll get to see occasionally. There are also roommates I'll get to chill with. I get to sleep in Matthew's bedroom, go on lots of walks, and even hike once in a while and take in all the beautiful scenery!

Kopo the Great Pyrenees now has two poodle siblings named Scooter and Shadow to play with… as he's been adopted by Marilyn and Robert from Elizabeth, Colorado! Kopo will enjoy his friendly canine buddies, as they used to live with a Pyr/Lab mix named Sam. He'll get to visit lots of other animals in the neighborhood, check out some horses, and even get to know the family cat.

Baley the Pyrenees mix has a wonderful forever home with Elise in Denver, Colorado. Elise is giant breed experienced, so this 13-week-old pup will have a mom who knows what to do to help Baley grow up into a wonderful, well-mannered, confident adult she has a right to be. Enjoy your wonderful life sweet Baley! THANK YOU, CHRISTY, FOR FOSTERING THIS FLUFF MONSTER!

Stella! It's time for your close-up! You're heading to Centennial, Colorado to meet your forever family. You'll be joining Michael and Lauri and their Great Dane, Dizzy. You'll get plenty of exercise each day, Dizzy enjoys walking 3-miles! And since Dad works from home, you'll never be alone. You're going to love being part of this family, Stella. It had everything a sweet young pup like you deserves. Happy trails, Stella!

Jolene, Jolene, you're future's looking brighter by the day, sweet Jolene! Jolene is heading East to her forever home in West Charlton, New York, where she will be joining Michael and Amy and their 3 year-old Newfie and two Main Coon cats.

Reese is going from a tough life as a breeder dog to a bright new future in a forever home with Newfoundland lovers! Jeane and Michael live in Nederland, Colorado where Reese will not only enjoy a fenced yard but beautiful mountain trails for adventurous walks through the woods. Jeane and Michael have Newfoundland experience and currently have a Newfie-mix, Guthrie, who will be a fun companion for Reece.