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Don't you just love peaches? So nice and pretty and sweet? Well, that's me for sure! My name is indeed Peaches, and I'm a female 2-3-year-old Great Pyrenees/Bernese Mountain Dog Mix, tan with white and black markings. I'm a big gal at 123 pounds, but I'm house-trained and I absolutely love belly rubs from you humans!

Jewel is a precious, 5 month old, Merle, female Great Dane. She and her littermate came to BDHPI from a breeder and are ready to learn what being a puppy is all about! She is a little more shy and timid than her sister and tends to follow the lead of the other dogs in her foster home.

Sophie is an adorable, 5 month old, Merle, female Great Dane. She and her littermate came to BDHPI from a breeder and are ready to learn what being a puppy is all about! She is more outgoing than her sister and is brave and curious and eager to learn. Sophie is treat motivated so potty training and basic commands should be easy peasy.

Buster is a 12 weeks old, White, male Great Pyrenees puppy. He spent the first 3 months of his life outside on a farm and is now living the good life inside a home and part of a family for the first time! He is learning all about house training, crate training, leash training, and basic commands.

Good day! My name is Baxter, and I'm a 7-year-old, tri-colored Saint Bernard. How did an older gentleman like myself wind up in a rescue, you ask? Well, I was found running around with a German Shepherd friend and Animal Control picked us up. The shelter there didn't have a kennel big enough for me, so I hit the jackpot and got to come here instead.

Hello there, I'm Syrus! I'm a 3-year-old, Merle, male Great Dane. I'm good with dogs and kids, but I'm a little leery of men who stand up quickly or make sudden movements, so that something I'll want to work on in my new home. I'm recently house trained, and am working on crate training and basic commands.

Success Stories

Hi, guess what? I have a home, with a human in it! Isn't that amazing? Me, Brownie, who never owned a home or a family in his life, now owns both! I will be living in Bennett Colorado, wherever that is, and I really must confess that I don't care where it is, wherever it is, it's MINE! And my wonderful human's name is Lisa! I'll even have a canine brother, Archie!

Sadie the Daniff here to let you know the good news - Erinn and Sam in Elkhorn, Nebraska have adopted me! My new mom is home during the day, so that's pretty neat. I have two kids to grow up with and a big back yard to run in. Then there's Clyde, the resident dog. He's a Native American Indian Dog, and he needed a buddy - so here I am! I'll get lots of playtime, walks, and love. It's a fantastic happy ending for me - thank you BDHP!

Hi, my name is Cooper and I was a foster dog. Notice the WAS?! I have been adopted! I wanted a home with kids and a family to grow up with and I got it! Andy and Ashleigh of Memphis Tennessee, I am looking forward to growing up with my human siblings. I want to take them to the dog park and on walks and to doggie daycare if they will let them in with me. I will do anything I can to be the best dog you have ever had. I am ready for this. A forever home!

Dean and Danielle, Dean and Danielle... I want to memorize those wonderful names! Those are the names of the people who adopted me! These wonderful people live in a magical place called Parker Colorado and are previous adopters who lost their last Saint to heart disease. I know it is magical, because THEY live there. They are willing to put up with my being a puppy and still want me.

Hello, my name is Annabelle, and I am a Great Pyrenees. I'm five years old, and mostly blind and deaf, but I have been that way for most of my life, so I am accustomed to getting around my memory and scent. I used to live outside, but then I came to BDHP and was thrilled to be invited to stay indoors! What a GREAT life it is to sleep where it is warm and to spend actual time with my people!

Well, all's well that ends well, I always say... Hi, I'm Bolo, like the western tie fashion and, like that, I intend to wrap myself around my new forever family's hearts, like those ties wrap around people's necks.