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My name is Beauregard, and sure do feel like I fit in here at Big Dogs Huge Paws! I'm a 111 pound, 18 month old Saint Bernard. I don't really understand why I'm here exactly - my family just said something about "moving." I guess moving means I end up here with my big dog friends! I'm a really happy, playful boy, and I'm really good with other dogs and have a submissive personality.

Hi, I'm Randy. I'm here to steal your heart, because that's how I roll. I'll tell you my age (5 years old) and my color (grey) but I'm keeping my heritage a bit of a secret. Anyone's best guess is Wolfhound/Mastiff mix. But, ancestry doesn't define the size of my heart. I'm good with kids and other large dogs, but I will need a home without any small dogs or cats because I do like to chase.

No, there's no George to play straight man for me, but I'd love to be your Gracie! I'm a six year-old female Great Dane, and I'm a pretty well-rounded actress, if I do say so myself. I'm house trained, leash trained, and trustworthy with free roam.
Sarah is a 7 year old, Brindle, female Presa Canario with cropped ears. She weighs 81 lbs and came to BDHPI from a shelter where her chances for adoption were slim to none as a senior and heartworm positive. She is now getting the medical care she needs and living the good life in a foster home with several other dogs who she gets along great with! Sarah has not been cat or kid tested yet but we should know more on that front soon.

Meet our newest big buddy, Tatanka! Tatanka is a 4 year old, 114 lb, Fawn, male English Mastiff. This adorable mug is already house trained, crate trained, leash trained, and he knows sit and down. He is an inside dog who will bark to alert when someone is approaching like a good guard dog but is mostly a couch potato true to his breed. He is over the puppy stage although he does still enjoy chewing on a nice bone or stuffed Kong.

Meet our big buddy, Bo! He is a 4-5 year old, 108 lb, Brindle, male English Mastiff that was surrendered to a shelter by his owners. The German Shepherd that he lived with previously wouldn't let him eat so he is on the thin side and clearly has a submissive personality since he allowed himself to be bullied. We'll be getting him fattened up and making sure he is fed alone so no one can steal his food any more!

Success Stories

Tyler and Rachel in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, have a new family member in Meeka the Great Dane. They have done their homework and are ready to love and mentor a Big Dog. Meeka will live her life taking walks and getting lots of cuddle time with Tyler and Rachel. They are lucky to have Meeka and Meeka is lucky to have them! THANK YOU, KATRINA, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVELY LADY! 

Hoss the Great Pyrenees has moved in with Jerry and LuzFrancy in Denver, Colorado. Since the couple are retired, they have plenty of time to spend with this big boy. Hoss will have a big backyard to hang out in and will go everywhere with Jerry and LuzFrancy, including daily walks and trips to the dog park. We couldn't be happier for this threesome! THANK YOU, JENNIFER & ROBERT, FOR FOSTERING THIS FURRY FRIEND! 

Remember the character Charlie Brown? How everything bad happened to him? It did as well to our Charlie. He was found starving, skin and bones.. A long line of horrible situations had our poor Charlie almost down and out. But a kind guardian angel brought him to BDHP and now the story of Charlie has a happy ending. Charlie will be joining the family of Steven and Sheila in Wooldridge, Missouri. He will have a large piece of property to run around and a sister dog named Lilly the Newfoundland to play with. There are also three donkeys to hang with.

Cindy and Steve and their son Ray in Conifer, Colorado are proud to introduce you to their newest addition, Lainey the Newfoundland! She joins Shelby (formerly Duchess) the Saint Bernard who is a BDHPI Alum and Moe the Lab/Golden mix puppy so she'll have plenty of furry friends! She is also in experienced hands as this great family has owned two Newfs previously, one of which was Lola who was adopted from BDHPI as well.

Tasha the Newfoundland teenager has found her forever home with Mark and Sharon and their kids, Jenny and Tristan, in Alberta, Canada. She's joining a passel of dogs in her new home: two Leonbergers, Indy & Vienna, a Great Dane, Dallas, a Neapolitan Mastiff(Josephine) and a Maremma Sheepdog(Poppy).

Murphy the Newfoundland has joined Chad and Stacie, their two sons, and Birdie the Newfoundland mix in Lowell, Indiana. Murphy will be treated to play time in the fenced backyard and be part of family outings. Murphy will rarely be alone and will have the best of care that this Newfie deserves. THANK YOU, LAKSHMI & BIJU, FOR FOSTERING THIS SWEET SOUL!