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Hidey-ho my name is Jax, and it means I've been shown favor -- I'm so glad to be at BDHP. I am a 3-year-old Great Pyrenees, mostly white except for black ears and hind quarters. My previous owner returned me because I developed separation anxiety when she left me at home for 9-12 hours every day -- I want love, attention and friendship!

Hello my name is Otis, and I'm a "wealth" of adorable fluffiness, just like my name implies. I'm a 4.5-year-old white Irish Wolfhound/Great Pyrenees mix. I'm good with dogs but would prefer to live in an adult-only home. I had two minor incidents with nipping strange kids but in both situations I was very uncomfortable.

Hi!  I'm Phoebe!  I am a 5.5 year old, fawn, female English Mastiff.  I was surrendered to BDHP because my previous owners couldn't give me the love and attention that I deserved.  Now I'm here to find my forever family who can do so!  I am house trained, crate trained, and leash trained.  I know some basic commands.  I love chewing on bones and enjoy going for car rides.  I do have a tendency to chew or dig when I get bored - I li

"In sleep he sang to me...In dreams he came...That voice which calls to me and speaks my name...And do I dream again for now I find...The Phantom of the Opera is there..." Well I'm right here actually, no need to keep dreaming, ha! My name is Phantom and I'm a senior, Merlequin, male Great Dane with bi eyes, meaning one is blue and one is brown, so I'm quite the handsome older gentleman. I was an unclaimed stray, can you imagine?

I'm classy and smooth just like my names sake, Bentley. I've already got a history of traveling and being lost and when no owner showed for me at the rural animal shelter I was hanging out at I was saved by a local rescue who got me into BDHP.

I am Nessa, the 1 year old, merle, female Great Dane. I'm house trained and have be taught to use a bell to let you know when I need to potty (or I'll whine if you don't have a bell). I'm also leash trained and crate trained, just tell me to go to "my room" and I'm happy to go in and wait for my treat for being a good girl. I also know sit, down and out for when I'm in the kitchen and you would like me to move - I attended obedience classes.

Success Stories

Bruce has made his way from his foster home in LaVerne, Iowa to Denver, Colorado where he will now be residing with his forever mom, Stacey! She is a very active gal which means plenty of runs, walks, and hikes to tire this guy out! She can also bring him to work with her which he thinks is pretty cool. We are so excited that this big galoof has found his happily every after and are grateful to Kristan and family for fostering him! 

Fionn (Finn) here! I ended up in rescue because my previously family had cats and a small dog, so I had to be separated all the time. Now I'm going to live with Matthew & Harmony of Omaha, Nebraska. They have two big dogs, Emma & Gambler, and we're going to be great friends. Emma & Gambler also attend doggie daycare, so maybe I'll get to go, too and make even more new friends. They recently lost a St.

Manette of Ridgway, Colorado is now the proud new owner of Kate the Great Pyrenees! She joins Daisy the rescued Great Pyrenees mix, Zena the Great Pyrenees, and two cats. Manette works from home most of the time which means constant companionship for her pooches. She also has experience with abused and neglected dogs and a huge heart which is exactly what beautiful Kate needs! THANK YOU, TERRI, FOR FOSTERING HER! 

From a bad past sometimes comes a good future, and I'm here to tell you that it's all possible, thanks to BDHP and my foster mom, Lisa! Ranger the Mastiff mix here, and my future is in the capable hands of Mandy from Denver, Colorado. She has lots of dog experience and loves us biggies. She's even familiar with the more headstrong breeds and used to be a dog walker. She even knows how to teach youngsters the right and wrong way to approach a dog.

You know, some times life can really be tough! Now I'm a lady, so I won't be telling any tales out of school her, just suffice it to say that my beginnings were both humble and horrifying. When animal control picked me up, they knew that I had puppies, but although they searched diligently, they never found them. I only weighed about sixty pounds. So they did what they needed to do and adopted me out to a nice lady who wanted to use me as an Assist Dog.

This lucky Penny is on her way to a forever home in Cheyenne Wyoming to make her lives and theirs richer!  Courtney, Josh, their three children, and two dogs will keep two-year old Penny busy with play time and lots of love. Penny will have free roam of the house during the day and since her family are giant-breed experienced, they will be able to help Penny mature into the sweet girl we know she wants to be. Best wishes, Penny!