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Pepper, the 6 year old, mantle, female Great Dane reporting for duty! I am an inside dog who is trustworthy with free roam, which of course makes me house trained. I'm also leash trained and will be working on other commands with my foster family to polish my skills. I only bark to alert and I do not chew on objects that are not mine - I really enjoy a knuckle bone though and it helps keep my teeth all shiny and new looking; a girl has to take care of herself you know!

I have to tell you, life as a streetwalker is no fun. I'd love to be able to talk and tell you about my past, but since dogs can't talk (yet…), here's what you need to know about me. I was found as a stray and ended up at a shelter. My name is Fran, and I'm a 6-year-old, female English Mastiff. I'm fawn in color - Fran the fawn. I walk well on a leash and I load up well in a car.

I'm Cujo the Saint Bernard, but my name is actually the exact opposite of my temperament. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I used to live with a family with three kids, two cats, and I was around other dogs regularly. But my family came on hard times and lost their home, and they had to move somewhere that didn't allow dogs. That part I'll never understand, but I do understand that BDHP will now find me an ideal forever home.

I'm not an album or an opera performed by a rock band, but my name is Tommy and I'd love to rock your world with some Newfie love! I'm a 5-year-old, male, Newfoundland, black in color as you can see, and I previously fathered many litters for a breeder. I thankfully have those days behind me now (after all, these good genes can only be shared so many times, ya know what I mean?), and I'm ready to "retire" in a great new home.

My name is Buddy the 2-3 year old, fawn, male English mastiff. I am leash trained, not a chewer and will only bark to alert. I'm fairly lazy and am proud of my couch potato skills. I love to play with tug toys, chew knuckle bones and a Kong filled with peanut butter will have me dancing on all fours while I wait for such a tasty treat. I love to be indoors and if I'm left outside too long I will sometimes dig when I get bored.

My name is Addison, but my friends call me Addie. I'm a 3 month old, female Newfoundland. Some say I am a super fluffy, cute bundle of joy...others say crazy puppy with sharp teeth who has much to learn....I say it depends on the day! I was thankfully surrendered by my breeder to BDHP because I was born with a genetic condition called PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus).

Success Stories

Sometimes, a gal is just a little misunderstood and needs the proper place in which to thrive. I've found that in my new home, for sure! It's Chloe the Newfoundland mix, letting everyone know that Justin and Shannon from Salida, Colorado chose to add me to their household. They did tons of research on giant breeds and they've owned Labs in the past. With flexible work schedules and a new house, they felt it was time to adopt, and I'm so happy they chose me!

I'd like to let BDHP Nation know that I now reside in Indianapolis, Indiana with Jerald and Alba! They chose me, Rhino the Cane Corso, to add to their pack. I have a new 9-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff sister named Amelia that I'll get to hang out with, and two older cats I'll get to sniff at. If they let me. We'll see. Long walks will be taken daily, so I'll get lots of activity to wear me out.

Hello, all! Geoffrey the Great Dane checking in to let everyone know that after being surrendered to BDHP because my former family had a baby on the way and didn't have time for me, that I've now found an awesome fur-ever home with Mary in Centennial, Colorado! Get this - my new human is a veterinarian, and she previously adopted Bogey the Great Dane from BDHP.

Hey it's Skyler the Great Dane with a HUGE update. When my previous owner passed away suddenly, I came to BDHPI. After going through three homes before, I came to live with my foster mommy. After enough time together, my foster mama couldn't resist my charms anymore. So now I get to be a permanent member of the family! Amanda of Dacono, Colorado has two other dogs I've been living with, and we get along well.

Amanda & Russell of Centennial Colorado are proud to announce the arrival of their new addition, Aussie aka Colonel the Mastiff Mix. He joins Sadie the Border Collie mix as his new canine sibling and wrestling partner. Sadie is thrilled to have another big playmate again after losing their previous 100 lb Pyrenees mix, Sisko! Aussie's new humans come home during the workday to take the dogs for walks so there will be plenty of love and exercise for this gentle giant!

From a stray young pup to a wonderful family? Who knew?!? It's Bentley the Great Dane mix, and I want to let everyone know about my new family. Clint from Bozeman, Montana chose to add me to his pack, and what a great pack it is! He has adopted from BDHP before, and he has tons of giant breed experience. He also has 30 acres of fenced yard - what could be better? Well, how about some new brothers and sisters?