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My name is Delilah, and I'm looking for a forever home because I found myself in an awful predicament. I was adopted by someone who I thought cared about me, but after 6 months when things became difficult with the landlord, I was discarded…surrendered for euthanasia. I don't understand.
Who has time for a handsome fella like me? My name is Hunter, and I'm a six-year-old Anatolian Shepherd. My previous owner adopted me with good intentions, but she works too much now and doesn't feel like I get any attention - much less any walking or running around outside time. So she made the tough decision to let BDHP find me the ideal home.
I used to live with three small dogs, a larger dog, and a cat.
You know that Bella means I'm beautiful. I'm a 2-year-old merle, spayed Great Dane. I'm not only beautiful, but I have brains. I'm house trained, leash trained, know sit and down and my foster family will be working on crate training and the rest of my commands. I prefer to spend my time inside (my friends say I'm a couch potato) but if you want to take me for a car ride, I'm there!
Hello there, I'm Ace! I'm a young, 1-2 year old, Boston Blue Merle Great Dane. I am a big boy, which seems to be a given here at Big Dogs Huge Paws. When I say I'm a big boy though, I really mean I'm a big boy - I  weigh 134 lbs and measure 37 inches at the shoulders, so I am VERY tall! Even for a Great Dane, I'm big. So how did I end up here at BDHP?

Although, they call me Torque, there is nothing twisted about me. In fact, I'm as mellow as they come and quite the gentleman. I'm an eight-year-old, fawn, English mastiff, and I'm told that I am super sweet and do not bark, chew or dig. I have an impressive resume´which shows that I am house trained, crate trained, trustworthy with free roam, a skilled leash walker, and a team player when it comes to getting along with other dogs.

Would anyone like to own a big, black Bear that you could walk around the neighborhood on a leash? That'd be pretty cool, right? Well, I am that Bear, and let me tell you a little more about myself. 
I'm a three-year-old male Newfoundland. My owners had a change in their schedule and didn't have enough time for me, so the kind folks at BDHP are helping me find my forever den.

Success Stories

Hi! My name is Marco, and I am a wolfhound mix. I am a young dog and love to play. I was playing one day and someone apparently called out, "Marco!" I called out, "Polo" and it turns out I am adopted! Anne and Rob of Lakewood, Colorado adopted me! I will have cats and a dog to play with and I am glad because my foster mom says I play bow to the cat, and I DO like them. Their Bouvier and I can hang out inside and play in the backyard and life is good!

River the Mastiff puppy will have a long and happy life in Denver, Colorado with Ben and Megan, their three children and Luna the Newfoundland. They are Giant Breed experienced, and they're ready to add a growing girl to their family. River will have the best of care and will go for walks and play in the dog park. She is a lucky girl, and they are a lucky family! THANK YOU, ALYSSA & AUSTIN, FOR FOSTERING THIS GOOFY GAL! 

Gus the Saint Bernard will be moving! His toys are all packed and he is ready to leave for his forever home. He will take up residence with Nancy and Jon of Thornton, Colorado and their son Carter. He will have two furry siblings, canine Tessie and feline Maow. Congratulation to all! THANK YOU, AMY, FOR FOSTERING THIS BIG GALOOF! 

Delilah the Mastiff mix puppy has gone to her forever home with Misty and Jason in Gretna, Nebraska. This growing girl will get lots of attention and love from the couple and their two children. She'll get to know the two cats and the 10-year-old Neopolitan Mastiff mix. There won't be any dull moments for this pup as she grows up to be a wonderful companion! THANK YOU, NICOLE & NICK, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVELY LADY! 

Marie and Scott in Denver, Colorado just couldn't pass up keeping Erin the Great Dane. They had been Erin's foster parents, and now they are her forever parents! She will have a new playmate in Asher the Great Dane, and this sweet girl will be in the best of company with Marie and Scott where someone is home almost all the time! She'll get to go on regular walks, trips to the dog park, and of course have plenty of time for naps and leisure. 

Hi! My name is Ellie, the Saint Bernard, and I have a great piece of advice for all you BDHP foster pups out there. You see, after I got offered up on Craig's List, I decided I would choose MY owners next time. So I was sent into the foster system. I looked and looked and looked, and the very best I could find was my very own foster family, Julie & Sam, and their dogs, Belle the Golden and Ruby the Heeler/Husky mix in Lincoln, Nebraska.