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You've probably heard a lot of dog names, but I happen to think mine is the best… ever. And the most fitting. I'm Betty Paige, and much like my pinup-girl namesake, I'm a leggy black-haired beauty! If only I could grow those trademark bangs, but we Danes are short-haired gals, you know. Anyway, I'm a 4-year-old female Great Dane.

Hey there! Aries here! I'm a 4-year-old, Brindle English/Neapolitan Mastiff Mix. I wound up in rescue because my family's house was in foreclosure and they couldn't keep all 5 of the Mastiffs they had in their home anymore. It's a sad situation, but I'm happy to got to come here, and I'm looking forward to finding a good forever home!

Meet Evie! This beautiful girl is around a 1 year old, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. She was found as a stray and sadly not very well cared for previously so she is thrilled to have a second chance with BDHPI! Evie is doing great in her foster home and is loving the luxuries of indoor living, especially the comfy couch.

Hi there, my name's Shango! I'm a 2-year-old, Fawn Boerboel Mastiff. I have some allergies, mild hip displaysia, and my left eye needs to be evaluated by an eye specialist. I was surrendered because my owner couldn't afford my medical expenses, and the vet felt a dryer climate might help out with my allergies a little bit.

Hello! I'm Harley, a 2-year-old, AKC registered Harlequin Great Dane, and I weigh 128 pounds. I know that sounds very impressive, but I don't like to brag! I have been under a lot of stress lately because my former owner left me with his brother when he moved and never came back for me. Unfortunately I developed Demodex mange, so I have some missing hair and some pink skin, and I also have nails that got way too long so my paws got pretty aggravated.

Hi, my name is Lilly! I am a 4 year old, Fawn, female Great Dane. I originally was found as a stray along with another female Great Dane and then went to a shelter. The next part of my journy took me to a family with dogs of all sexes and sizes ranging from Min Pins to Great Danes. I got along with all of them except for one dominant female Great Dane who was already living there.

Success Stories

Hi, Teller here. I a so excited! I have found my forever family! My original family felt they must give me up because of their expanding family, so I came to BDHP and my foster family, who have been wonderful! But I know I cannot stay here forever, as another  dog in need will need my place. So I looked and found the most amazing family EVER!

It's strange how you can go from unwanted to loved in a heartbeat, isn't it? It's Reese the Boerboel here, and after no longer being wanted, here I am with a wonderful forever home! Katie and Richard from Dardenne Prairie, Missouri fell in love with me, and the feeling is mutual.

Ozzy here to tell you the good news - I have a new forever family! David and Elizabeth of Colorado Springs, Colorado have opened their home to me, a sweet Great Pyrenees/St. Bernard mix pup, and I'm so happy! I'll have a much shorter little brother, a Corgi named Indigo. Then I'll also have three older human children to show me the ropes, too.

Well, I was told early on that they don't come much cuter than me, Merida, the Anatolian Shepherd mix pup, and I guess my good looks may have helped a bit, because I was adopted quickly by Jennifer and Jeremy from Woodland Park, Colorado! They have two older Golden Retriever mix dogs and one Newfoundland, so I'll have built-in canine siblings to show me the ropes.

Bielo and Leonidas are happy to report they are claiming Kathryn & Josh as their new forever parents! They will be calling Lincoln, Nebraska home sweet home from this day forward. They are lucky enough to be able remain in their foster home, now forever home, along with Ollivander & Linus the cats whom they have grown quite fond of during their time there.

Wow - you know those people you hear about who really will do anything for their pets? Well, it's Louie the St. Bernard here to tell you I've hit that jackpot with Karen and Peter in St. Louis, MO! I now have a really cool, multi-level historic home to live in. There's even dog-friendly Astroturf in the yard and a park right across the street! My new humans have lots of St.