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My name is Annabelle and I’m the Momma to a very special puppy named Patience. I too am a Special Great Pyrenees and am partially deaf and mostly blind. I can see some light and some shapes... but my Patience was the brightest light that I could see in this life. She was my beacon of hope and I know that she will brighten the lives of a very lucky family. I’ve been living with my disabilities for my entire life, which is approximately 5 years.

Momma, you thought I would be lost without you so you tried to keep me near as long as you could. You kept me close for 5 months, but I’m getting to be a Big Girl and I’ve got to start living this Big Life with some special people. I love you for taking care of me even though I have a hard time hearing you and I know that you had to have patience to deal with me. After all, that’s where my name came from, right Momma...

Big Betty the 4 year old, Black, female Great Dane, is starting a new life and leaving her breeding days behind her! She is happy to be sprung from the shelters and wishing her previous owners good riddance. You see, Betty had a huge mammary tumor removed and is feeling so much better now that she has received the medical care she needed!  She is great with dogs of all sizes and cats.  She doesn't have a mean bone in her body and is eager to please.

Meet our new furry friend, Penn! Penn is a 6 month old, white, male Great Pyrenees pupppy. So far we have discovered he is house trained, but he needs some work on crate, leash, and basic training so his foster family will be hard at work preparing him for his forever family. He sleeps at the foot of the daughter's bed in his foster home and loves kids.

It’s hard not being able to play like the rest of my friends. I’m still a puppy and I should be enjoying a care free, joyful, rambunctious life... but I just can’t right now. My name is Gabby and I’m a fawn colored, female, 13 month old Great Dane and something has happened to my neck and it hurts.
What do you mean I’m a too big of a dog? I’m a male Newfy, isn’t this how I’m supposed to be? Big and furry and playful and fun? Why are you chaining me up all the time? I see my horse and goat friends, and they aren’t tethered like I am. Maybe one day, I’ll be able to walk around, free, in a clean yard of my own and even venture inside the house so the hot doesn't get to me and the flied and mosquitos can't taunt me.

Success Stories

Yay! for Daisy May the Great Dane... this beautiful Boston Blue Merle lady is heading home. Daisy May is heading to the deep SouthEast and will be joining her new family in Brunswick Georgia.  Carol and Dave live in the the lovely coastal town of The Golden Isles. This area has amazing beaches that Daisy May can explore with her new Golden Retriever Buddy Bear and BDHPI Alum Saint Bernard sister Pandora.

Shamus the English Mastiff is joining Wilma the Neo, a recently adopted BDHPI Buddy, at her home in Gretna Nebraska. Dustin and Blayr adopted Wilma and then tragically lost their Great Dane friend to bloat. Wilma has been a great companion to the them, but they know they are a 2 dog family and have decided to bring Shamus into their lives. Dustin and Blayr love their Big Dogs and do everything that they can to keep them happy and healthy. The road ahead for Shamus will be paved with nothing but cuddles and love and we can hardly wait for him to get started down that path.

Dixon the English Mastiff has found a loving home with Alison and Joey in Lincoln, Nebraska. This big lug was join the couple, their two young children and and Zoe the Anatolian shepherd mix. Dixon will be treated to a fenced backyard, free roam and the ability to sleep where he wants! He will have a wonderful life with the family, and we're happy he has found his forever home. THANK YOU, BRUCE & KELLY, FOR FOSTERING THIS BIG COUCH POTATO!

Bishop the Great Pyrenees is joining another BDHPI alum Rocky the Mastiff mix at home with Jake and Tamara in Boulder, Colorado. This 1-year-old pup is entering a Giant Breed-experience home since Jake and Tamara have owned Newfies for 35 years. Tamara works from home, so Bishop won't be away from his humans for long. He will have a big backyard to romp in and lots of family time -- everything a big dog could hope for. We're happy that Bishop has found Jake and Tamara. THANK YOU, KATRINA, FOR FOSTERING THIS FURRY FRIEND! 

Zeus the Great Dane will have his very own person to please in Sandra in Denver. Sandra is very active and loves going to Cherry Creek Dog Park, so Zeus won't be wanting for exercise and fun. He is eager to please his people, so he will make Sandra a wonderful companion, and she will have his loyalty for life. It's a wonderful match for person and dog! THANK YOU, SUSAN, FOR FOSTERING THIS EURO BOY! 

Ferrari the Great Dane mix puppy has found a home and family of her very own. She will be living with Jocelyn and Chris in Henderson, Colorado. She'll have lots of room to romp in the big fenced back yard, and she'll have a Golden Retriever mix named Crixus to play with. Ferrari will get all that puppy energy out by long walks twice a day every day. It's a great home for this growing pup! THANK YOU, HEATHER & TIM, FOR FOSTERING THIS SWEETIE PIE!