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Meet Maggie, the 5 year old, Harlequin, Great Dane who is coming to BDHP because she is a city gal. You see Miss Maggie was found as a stray and after some time and effort by her current family, to include their other dogs, they were able to gain Maggie's confidence and she came to trust them. Maggie was most likely a breeder dog but she is very much enjoying her new indoor life.

Sophie is an adorable, 3 year old, Saint Bernard who is a perfect young lady. She used to live on a farm and she gets along with everyone and everything - kids, adults, cats, dogs, birds and well anything else that crosses her path. Sophie is as sweet as they come and she is very well mannered. She has not been taught a lot but she is very eager to please and went from never having been on a leash to walking next to her person in just a few days!

Grace is a 4-year-old white Saint Bernard/Pyrenees mix. She was born on a sanctuary and lived outside with lots of other dogs in kennels with little human contact so she hasn't been well socialized. In spite of that, she is a super sweet wiggle butt who is eager to learn and to please.

Rieley, the 132 lb, 9 year old, tri-colored Saint Bernard has arrived! He was surrendered to a local animal shelter due itching which we suspect is allergy related. We will be figuring out what is causing this for him and get him on his way to recovery and his forever family. Rieley is a typical Saint with an independent nature but he still very much enjoys his time with his family and is a big lover boy.

Hi, Tank here. I’m a 2-year-old Great Dane/Great Pyrenees, rather small at 100 lbs but large in heart. Unfortunately, my owner had a change at work and can no longer care for me like they wanted to. I’m quite accomplished for my age. I know sit, lay down, crate, night-night, off, walk, ride (love car rides), back up (quite useful don’t you think?), stop, wait, come, go potty, no, drop, and gentle. I ask you, can you ask for more in such a handsome man like me?

Turkey is a 5 year old, Fawn, male Bullmastiff. He was found as a stray, emaciated, covered in fleas and his coat was in rough condition due to poor nutrition so the shelter contacted BDHPI to come to his rescue. We can't figure out how anyone could let this special guy get away! Turkey, also known as Clooney, has settled right in at his foster home which includes a Chihuahua and cats. He loves to talk and craves human affection and attention.

Success Stories

From unwanted in the deep south to a new home in the mountain west, I'm so glad to be here! Nessa the Great Dane checking in, and I'm happy to let everyone know that Della and her husband from Centennial, Colorado chose me to join their family! I'll join Rex (formerly Henry/Emmit) the Great Dane they adopted from BDHP five years ago, and I'll also have one human boy to pal around with. Not to mention a yard with a tall fence I will be able to get the zoomies in!

Head east, young lady! Or something like that. It's Sailor the English Mastiff here to tell everyone that I've been adopted and I now live with Charon and John in Rockledge, Pennsylvania! They have a Neapolitan Mastiff named Moses, and I know we'll get to be best buddies. He's a big ol' silly boy who was needing a canine friend, so it's a perfect fit for me.

Hi, it's Seamus the Newfoundland, and I've found my forever home. I came back to rescue when my family moved and couldn't take me along. I had some medical issues, but now I'm all better and ready for this new home. Jim and Mary Ann of Durango, Colorado are very experienced Newfie owners, so they know what to expect with me. They live on 5,000 acres and have plenty of room for me to play.

Hendrix, has hit the jackpot. He will be going to live with his furever mom, Colby, in Bigfork Montana. He will have the sole attention of his mom and his 2 feline siblings. As a bonus, he will have canine friend to play with when his mom dogsits her daughter’s Frenchie. Summer months will be the best as his mom has works on a “school year” schedule. Then there will be lots of playtime and adventure.

I'm thinking everyone "otter" read this amazing update! It's me, Otter the Dogue de Bordeaux, letting you know that Susan and Richard from Albuquerque, New Mexico are my new humans! Burning off my young dog energy won't be a problem, as I have two kiddos to run with in the back yard, as well as Charli, a Mastiff mix, to play with.

Bullwinkle has found his home! He will be going to live with Nancy, Jon and their son Carter in Thornton, Colorado and he will also be gaining new siblings! He will have Tessie Marie the Springer Spaniel and Shadow Baby the Saint who also happens to be a BDHP alum so Bullwinkle will never feel lonely again.