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This beautiful 2-year-old Harlequin Great Dane is Gabbana. We suspect she was someone's loved companion at one point but somehow she ended up lost and in a shelter as a stray. She doesn't appear to have much formal training but true to her breed she is eager to please, treat motivated, and catching on fast. She is good with other dogs, seems to be afraid of cats and not super fond of chickens.

Lexi is a wonderful pup who found rescue in the nick of time. This sweet girl, at only 6 months of age, has already had a terrible start to life. Lexi was beaten and had a shock collar used on her by her previous owner and thankfully she was given away and ended up in a local rescue who transferred her to us.

How would you like a holiday with Doc Holiday? This 1-year-old Mastiff Mix is looking for a forever family where he can spend the rest of his holidays in security. Doc Holiday still has some growing and maturing to do with a family who will give him the positive re-enforcement training he needs (is a trash “opportunist” and sometimes tries to chase cars and bikes). He knows the basic commands and will settle down in his crate.

If you can't see the forest for the trees, let our Forrest help you! This sweet bundle of joy is a 2 year old, blue, male Great Dane who was found wandering as a stray and no family came to claim him so we sprung him from the joint! Forrest is great with other dogs and loves anyone on 2 legs, the way he figures all the more love and scratching for him. He is just new to his foster family so as we learn more about this love bug we will update his bio.

Odin the might Daniff at your service...I am a fantabulous 1.5 year old, black GREAT Dane who was found wandering around like a lost soul and thankfully was picked up and have been kept safe and warm by my human charges. They have fed me, scratched me, loved me and now that they are sure no one is looking for me I have to bid them farewell as I move on to the next stage in my life.

Moose is finding himself on the hunt for some new digs. This 7 year brindle English Mastiff has some tiny additions in his home and he just isn't comfortable with young children and as hard as it is his family has decided to do the best for everyone. Moose will need a home with older children who are respectful of his advancing years and space. He is house trained and leash trained but walks best with a gentle leader.

Success Stories

Mack the Saint Bernard is sharing the greatest news this holiday season. When his previously family dropped him with friends & didn't return, this boy was feeling so sad and lonely. However, once he came into his foster family, he learned what was love really means again. Now that family has decided he is going to be a permanent member of the family! Heather of Boulder, Colorado fell in love with this fluffy, adorable bear. She is a long-time foster for the rescue and will take excellent care of Mack throughout his years.

Salt the Great Dane is getting the best Christmas present ever! After this darling girl came into rescue, her foster family worked hard along with the guidance of one of BDHPI's behaviorists to make her feel comfortable as a result of some pretty severe emotional issues. After spending time with her and watching her come out of her shell and learn to feel safe, the family has decided she is staying put. Anne and Jeffrey of Rio Rancho, New Mexico have fallen in love with Salt. She will join their dog and two cats in a wonderful, loving family.

Duke is a Newf mix and at the beginning of his stay as a BDH foster his feelings were also mixed because he didn't really know what to expect. After all he had been a stray and had spent some time in a shelter, very frightening. Although he will always be a Newf mix, his feelings will definitely not continue in a mixed state.  He has been adopted by Louisa, Mark and their two kids who will give him the consistency and love he so deserves.

Magnus the Mastiff mix will gain all the confidence and love he has been missing, as he has been adopted by Brad and Tammie from Monument, Colorado! They adopted Nala the Mastiff/St. Bernard/Great Dane mix from BDHP last year, and Nala needed a friend. So enter Magnus! He'll get to learn the ropes from Nala, and there's also a cat named Romeo (who thinks he's a dog) that Magnus will get to pal around with.

Duke, the Cane Corso, has a wonderful home just in time for the holidays. He will be living with Brittany and Nick in Arvada, Colorado and his new fursibling, Bessie. This is a good thing for Bessie too as she is high energy and will love to have a playmate that can keep up with her. Duke will also be able to go with Bessie to doggie daycare for continued socialization and playtime. Duke could not have asked for a better home.

This Great Pyrenees, Chase, is going to a family of consummate dog lovers. They have had many other rescues and even went so far as selling a car to pay for a hip replacement for their Samoyed.  We know it was worth it but not many would go to these great lengths for their animals.  Chase, you will be more than happy with these people as they will love you as no one has before.