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Available Dogs

Hi, I'm Randy. I'm here to steal your heart, because that's how I roll. I'll tell you my age (5 years old) and my color (grey) but I'm keeping my heritage a bit of a secret. Anyone's best guess is Wolfhound/Mastiff mix. But, ancestry doesn't define the size of my heart. I'm good with kids and other large dogs, but I will need a home without any small dogs or cats because I do like to chase.

No, there's no George to play straight man for me, but I'd love to be your Gracie! I'm a six year-old female Great Dane, and I'm a pretty well-rounded actress, if I do say so myself. I'm house trained, leash trained, and trustworthy with free roam.
Sarah is a 7 year old, Brindle, female Presa Canario with cropped ears. She weighs 81 lbs and came to BDHPI from a shelter where her chances for adoption were slim to none as a senior and heartworm positive. She is now getting the medical care she needs and living the good life in a foster home with several other dogs who she gets along great with! Sarah has not been cat or kid tested yet but we should know more on that front soon.

Meet our newest big buddy, Tatanka! Tatanka is a 4 year old, 114 lb, Fawn, male English Mastiff. This adorable mug is already house trained, crate trained, leash trained, and he knows sit and down. He is an inside dog who will bark to alert when someone is approaching like a good guard dog but is mostly a couch potato true to his breed. He is over the puppy stage although he does still enjoy chewing on a nice bone or stuffed Kong.

Meet our big buddy, Bo! He is a 4-5 year old, 108 lb, Brindle, male English Mastiff that was surrendered to a shelter by his owners. The German Shepherd that he lived with previously wouldn't let him eat so he is on the thin side and clearly has a submissive personality since he allowed himself to be bullied. We'll be getting him fattened up and making sure he is fed alone so no one can steal his food any more!

Hi! Have you been looking for me? Nice to meet you! I'm Dylan, a 2.5 year old, fawn, male Mastiff mix. I used to wander the streets alone, but some nice people found me and now I can't get enough of snuggling up next to you! I can be a lap dog if you need a hug, but I know how to give you some space if you redirect me.

Hi there, I'm Peyton. Don't confuse me with Peyton Manning, even though I know it's tough. I'm just about as awesome as he is, but I can't throw a football. Maybe someday I could learn to catch one, if you wanted to teach me to play! I'm a year old, black, Great Dane, and man am I one laid-back guy.

Hello out there! My name is Lucy and I might be just the furry friend you're looking for! I'm a gorgeous (according to two-legged friends), black, female Newfoundland. Words like "super sweetheart", "very devoted" and "well mannered" have also been used to describe me, but I start to blush a little when talking about that.

I am Titan. I’m a 5 year old, male, ¾ Mastiff ¼ Bulldog, tan in color, and nothing but love. My original Momma was going off to be a Veterinarian so you rehomed with a family that cared for me until now. They are sadly moving into town from the mountains and the place they have chosen does not allow pets. So here I am, looking for a family that will love me for all of my days to come. I’m a good dog and have good manners.

My Goodness!  This is all so new!  My name is Stella and my brother Kingston and I are new to the BDPHI group of dogs looking for love. The King and I were surrendered by our owner because they were travelling too much and weren’t around to give us enough time and attention. So here we are starting again! I’m a 4 year old, 106 lb, Brindle, Female, Great Dane and I am quite the looker if I do say so myself.

I’m Kingston, a Brindle Great Dane with colors and patterns that are unique to only me. I’m a 4 year old, very solid and sturdy 150 lb, male pup and I come to Big Dogs Huge Paws with my sister Stella. She truly is my sister and we have been together since our first day. We don’t think that we are a bonded pair, but they will be testing us to see how we do on our own away from each other.

Anyone can change their spots or so I’ve been told, and I guess it’s my time to make a change. My name is Cherry Berry: a little rhyming means lots-o-love. I’m a 5 year old, polka-dotted, harlequin, female, Great Dane and I am here to find my forever and ever home.

Puppies... why does everyone want a puppy? Don’t people know the ‘Dog Love Equation’
Weight + Age x Drool - Gas = Love
Adult Dogs are all the cuddling and fun without the messy clean up.

My name is Jack and I’ve got just one question. Why do people give up their faithful friends when they get a divorce? Now I’m no counselor, but if you are going to go something horrible like losing the love of your life, doesn’t it make sense to hold on to the next best thing, your furry friend, your companion, your second love?

Want to sell your used car? Put it the specs on Craigslist. Want to have a garage sale? Put the address on Craigslist. Want to find a super cheap date? Put yourself on Craigslist. Want to get rid of your faithful, loving, friend to the lowest bidder? Put her on Craigslist. Wait! What? No!!! Don’t ever put a dog on Craigslist... EVER! Ellie was rescued off of Craigslist by a kind soul that cared more for her the people listing her. They simply wanted to get rid of her.