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Available Dogs

Hiya! I'm Booth, the 13 month old, blue, male Great Dane and I'm so glad you stopped by to read my bio! I was living with a virtual zoo of other dogs (12 of them, truth be told!) and I'm enjoying the peace at my foster home while I wait to find my forever family. Another dog in my pack was bullying me so the family decided I'd be best to set out anew and find a place where I can gain confidence.
Meet our new buddy, Garth! This sweet 8 month old, Black Brindle, Cane Corso pup found himself dumped at a kill shelter by his previous owner. We know he lived in a home with his mom before but we don't know the reason why he got kicked out. What we do know was that he was terrified at the shelter and is very happy to be in a loving home environment now with his foster family!
Hello, there. I'm Shelby, and I'm looking for someone to love me instead of tether me to a fence! You see, I was abandoned at a park - tied to a fence for three days before I figured out how to break loose. And oh, am I glad I did, because I was rescued! But let me continue my introduction first. I'm a 2-3-year-old female English Mastiff, checking in at right around 145 pounds.
Sadie the Daniff here. (My mom was a Great Dane and Bull Mastiff mix, and my dad was an English Mastiff - pretty impressive bloodlines, huh?!?) My former family didn't have the time to give me the attention I deserve, so I'm here at BDHP looking for my fur-ever home. I'm 2 1/2 years old, and I have a submissive personality.

Welcome, Skye! Such a great name for a sweet, loving dog - she really is a true blue friend to all who meet her! Skye is our 1.5 year old female Great Pyrenees. She's house trained, crate trained, leash trained, and knows "sit", "lay down", "go", "stay", and "no". Like a typical Pyr, she'll alert you with a bark if she senses something out of the ordinary.

Hey there, Frank the 4-year-old, Blue Brindle Cane Corso here to tell you a bit about myself! First of all, let me tell you just how awesome I am. I'm house trained and mostly leash trained (I do like to pull when I see other dogs), I'm an inside dog who's trustworthy with free roam, and I don't bark, chew, or dig.

Hello! My name is technically Sandwich Head, but I'm being called Sammie here are Big Dogs Huge Paws, which seems to suit me better anyway. I'm a 1.5-year-old, 115 lb, Fawn Daniff. I wound up here because I've been living in a kennel environment because my owner lost her home. I was living on concrete or tile all the time, and didn't have access to a yard, so I'm pretty happy to be here and start getting to enjoy some other parts of life!

If you play your cards right, you may wind up with Blackjack! That's right, my name is Blackjack, but you can also call me Jack for short. Though being a Great Dane, I'm not really short at all. I'm a 6-year-old male, and my former owners didn't take very good care of me. They were elderly and became ill, and now they have to move to an assisted-living facility where I can't go. I haven't been to the vet in years because they couldn't get me into a car.

Hiya! I'm Desi the 1 year old, Boston Merle, male Great Dane! I was found as a stray with my friend, Lucy, and I haven't been able to tell the story of my past, so my foster family will be working to learn all they can about me. So far they know I'm good with dogs and kids, and that I'm leash trained, crate trained, and house trained.
Well hello there, nice to meet you! I'm Lucy the 1 year old, Piebald, female Great Dane. What's a Piebald, you ask? That just means I have a Mantle colored head with a white body and some black spots. I was found with my buddy, Desi, running as a stray in the country. Since we can't talk, our foster family doesn't know a lot about us yet, but they'll be figuring out as much as they can so we're ready for our forever families!
Hi! My name is Priscilla and I'm about as fancy as my name - just kidding, I'm down to earth and as sweet as they come. I'm a 7 year old, blue merle, female Great Dane with adorable, goofy cropped ears. My previous owners decided to find a better home for me because they have toddler and another baby on the way. I'm excited for more attention and am loving my time with my foster family!
Vroom vroom! I'm Moto, and I'm a 4-year-old, Boston Merle, 175 pound, male Great Dane! I'm house trained, leash trained with a Gentle Leader, and I know heel, sit, down, place, outside, and out. Pretty awesome, huh? I'm an inside dog, and I'm trustworthy with free roam! I am a talker and a good guard dog, but I'm not a digger or a chewer, and I know I am not allowed on the furniture. I'm great with kids!
Hello friends! I'm River the 1 year old, Mantle, male, Great Dane! I hit the jackpot landing here at Big Dogs Huge Paws, let me tell you! I was found as a stray and dropped at the vet, which is probably for the best anyway because I'm on my way to a new and better life now. I'm good with other dogs, love to wrestle, and good on a leash, but I do need to learn some manners.

Hey! I'm Aspen the 5-year-old, Harlequin, female Great Dane! The very first thing you should know about me is that I'm deaf. That's OK though, because I know some sign language and could learn more, I'm sure. I'm house trained, leash trained, and which I wasn't allowed on the furniture in my prior home, I have grown accustomed to snuggling on the couch in my foster home.

Hi there! I'm Dolce, the 4-year-old, Red, Dogue de Bordeaux and I'm here to tell you a little about myself! First I'll tell you why I'm here at Big Dogs Huge Paws to begin with. I was living with 2 cats and an infant in my former home, but I started to become a little too obsessed with the cats and tried to catch them.