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Available Dogs

Hi there, my name is Ranger! I'm a 3-year-old, fawn, 107 pound, male Mastiff mix -- 3/4 English Mastiff and 1/4 Fila Brasileiro. I was seized from a breeder and am so glad to be out of that situation. I'm not a fan of apartments or the noise of the city, so a home in the suburbs or on a ranch would be best for me where it is a little more quiet. I am just too timid for all the loud noises and commotion of downtown living.

Deja the 4-month-old, Fawn, English Mastiff puppy here. As you can see, I am pretty darn adorable if I do say so myself. I am catching on quickly to house training, but I still need supervision and a structured schedule due to my age. I sleep in the crate and go in very well, so that's a good place for me to hang out when you can't watch me. I have a great personality too! I am good with other dogs, cats, and kids.

Aggie the 2-year-old, red female Dogue de Bordeaux and I am back on the scene here at BDHPI, much to my dismay. You see, I thought I found my forever family but I had some issues with their small dog. When I was in rescue previously, I actually lived with a bossy female French Bulldog so it isn't necessarily a size issue, but I do need some environmental management in order to set me up for success if you have other dogs.

Hi Dutchess here. I’m a 3-year-old, Fawn, female English Mastiff. I came to Big Dogs Huge Paws, because, unfortunately, my mom was no longer able to take care of me. It made her very sad, but she loved me enough to make sure I would get the home I deserve with someone who can provide the care, attention, and training I so desperately crave. So, a little more about me.

Howdy, the name is Buddy! I'm a 5-6 year-old, Harlequin, male Great Dane. I'm so happy to not be used for breeding anymore. My Dane friends and I were surrendered because our owner was moving. I had a tumor removed on my right hip, but it wasn't cancerous and it's gone now, yay! I am good with dogs, cats and kids, including the little ones under 5. I'm house trained and my foster family will be working with me on basic training.

HELLO! My name is Khloe, and I'm an 11-mo-old, tri-colored, female Saint Bernard. My family is moving out of state, and I can't go with them -- would you have a place for me? I've lived with small children, so we're all good there. I can play really rough with other dogs, but I really like them a lot and just need someone to tell me the right way to play since I haven't been around them much. I'm good with cats as well -- they seem like new friends!

Hi there, I’m Skye! I’m a 3-year-old, white, harlequin, female Great Dane. My sister and I came to Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue from Big Bones Canine Rescue. I have been with them a year now so my friends at Big Dogs Huge Paws are trying to help me out as well because us rescues should work together and I deserve a family. I’m mostly deaf and partially blind, but it just makes me all the cuter. I would do best as an only dog.

Hey, I’m Cleo! I’m a 3-year-old, white, harlequin, female Great Dane. I’m mostly deaf and completely blind, but that just makes me all the sweeter. My sister and I came to Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue from Big Bones Canine Rescue. I have been with them a year now so my friends at Big Dogs Huge Paws are trying to help me out as well because us rescues should work together and I deserve a family. I’m so ready to find a forever home to call my own.

Hidey-ho my name is Jax, and it means I've been shown favor -- I'm so glad to be at BDHP. I am a 3-year-old Great Pyrenees, mostly white except for black ears and hind quarters. My previous owner returned me because I developed separation anxiety when she left me at home for 9-12 hours every day -- I want love, attention and friendship!

Hello my name is Otis, and I'm a "wealth" of adorable fluffiness, just like my name implies. I'm a 4.5-year-old white Irish Wolfhound/Great Pyrenees mix. I'm good with dogs but would prefer to live in an adult-only home. I had two minor incidents with nipping strange kids but in both situations I was very uncomfortable.

Hi!  I'm Phoebe!  I am a 5.5 year old, fawn, female English Mastiff.  I was surrendered to BDHP because my previous owners couldn't give me the love and attention that I deserved.  Now I'm here to find my forever family who can do so!  I am house trained, crate trained, and leash trained.  I know some basic commands.  I love chewing on bones and enjoy going for car rides.  I do have a tendency to chew or dig when I get bored - I li

"In sleep he sang to me...In dreams he came...That voice which calls to me and speaks my name...And do I dream again for now I find...The Phantom of the Opera is there..." Well I'm right here actually, no need to keep dreaming, ha! My name is Phantom and I'm a senior, Merlequin, male Great Dane with bi eyes, meaning one is blue and one is brown, so I'm quite the handsome older gentleman. I was an unclaimed stray, can you imagine?

I'm classy and smooth just like my names sake, Bentley. I've already got a history of traveling and being lost and when no owner showed for me at the rural animal shelter I was hanging out at I was saved by a local rescue who got me into BDHP.

I am Nessa, the 1 year old, merle, female Great Dane. I'm house trained and have be taught to use a bell to let you know when I need to potty (or I'll whine if you don't have a bell). I'm also leash trained and crate trained, just tell me to go to "my room" and I'm happy to go in and wait for my treat for being a good girl. I also know sit, down and out for when I'm in the kitchen and you would like me to move - I attended obedience classes.

Hi, Bear here! Bear as in a teddy bear, not a grizzly bear!  I am a 2 year old, brindle, male English Mastiff.  I am house trained and crate trained, although I am trustworthy of free roam. I am not a barker, digger, or a chewer and am a total couch potato!  I am good with kids and most other dogs.  Upon meeting other dogs I can be fearful and bark - I definitely need proper introductions, but I warm right up. Cats are unknown creatures to me.