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Available Dogs

Hello! I am Kaylee, the 6 month old female Newfoundland puppy, and I may be young, but I already have a story to tell. I came into this world on March 24th at a breeder in Nebraska. From there I went to a pet store in Littleton Colorado. There I sat staring out at all of the little kids who came to see me but I knew it wasn't my time to go to a forever family. The pet store started noticing that my hair was falling out!

Hi everyone! I'm Tonka, and I'm new on the scene here at Big Dogs Huge Paws. I'm a 3 year old, female, brindle, bullmastiff. I'm currently clocking in at just under 93 pounds, but I am a smidge overweight. My foster family will be working with me to shed a few pounds through a better diet and exercise. I'm good with dogs and LOVE people!

Well hello there! My name is Duke, and I'm a 1.5 year old Great Dane. I'm all black, but I've got a white spot on my chest, which I think makes me look very handsome! I'm happy to be here at Big Dogs Huge Paws, because my last home was having a hard time affording my food and I don't want to put anyone out on the street.
Pyr lovers, unite! My name is Opal, and I was dumped in the country with my brother, Jack. Thankfully, we were found and we're now safe at BDHP. Whew! We are not a bonded pair, so we definitely do not have to be adopted together but he's a pretty cool dude also. So let me tell you a little more about me, Opal. 
I'm ten months old and weigh right around 75 pounds.
Hello, Pyr lovers! My name is Jack, and I was dumped in the country with my sister, Opal. We are not a bonded pair, so we definitely do not have to be adopted together. I'm just happy that we were found and that we're now safe at BDHP!
Anyway, I'm a ten-month-old male Great Pyrenees, and I weigh right around 86 pounds.
Dozer here! I'm a big, beautiful black Newfoundland, about 2.5 years old. When I say I'm big, I mean it! I'm about 110 pounds, which makes me a pretty big girl! I came to Big Dogs Huge Paws because I was just too much dog for my previous owners. I was never really provided any proper training, so I definitely have some manners to learn, but my foster home will work on those things with me.

Hi, my name's Lennox! I'm a 6-year-old, male, black Newfoundland, and I'm glad to be here at Big Dog Huge Paws! I was surrendered to a shelter by my former family because they were moving. I don't mind being here though, and I'm excited to show my new foster home who I really am! So far I can tell you that I'm house trained and I'm good with cats, dogs, and kids.

Hi, everyone! I'm Brady, a three-year-old male Great Dane, and I was reluctantly surrendered to BDHP because they don't allow dogs at the new place my owners moved to. That always puzzles me, because I've heard lots of humans say that we canines are more well-behaved than many of your human-types. But I digress…
I'm pretty much the perfect gentleman package.
Well, here at Big Dogs Huge Paws we are unfortunately no stranger to heartbreak. Then, a dog like this guy comes along and reminds us just why we do what we do. This undeniably handsome, grey muzzled Great Dane named Beans is here to steal your heart...and probably your tears. You see, Beans has had a loving family since he was 8 weeks old.  At the ripe age of 9 years and 1 month, he thought he would have them forever.
So you say you want to break in your new walking shoes? You say you want to have a handsome man on your arm as you stroll around the neighborhood? Here I am, ready to help you in those pursuits! My name is BD, and I'm an 8-year-old male Great Dane, anxious to head out the door for leisurely walks and then head inside for couch snoozes.
I used to live with an older Chihuahua who was my little buddy.
Shadow is my name and puppyhood is my game! Well, I'm technically a year old now, which I guess means maybe I'm not a puppy anymore, but I like to think so since I still have 2 years of filling out to do before I am full grown. I'm a Saint Bernard/Mastiff Mix - I was found with my momma as a stray, and she is a purebred Saint Bernard.

My name is Bud, and I'm an awesome Black Newfoundland/Lab mix. I came to Big Dogs Huge Paws with my sister Patches. She's my best friend in the whole world. Our owner was no longer able to properly care for us, so here we are, looking for our new forever home! I'm 5 years old, and I'm 118 pounds. I might be a big guy, but I'm good with dogs and kids, I'm house trained, and I'm trustworthy with free roam.

Hi there, I'm Patches! I'm a 5 year old, Black, Newfoundland/Lab mix. I came to Big Dogs Huge Paws with my brother Bud because our owner could no longer properly care for us. Bud's not just my brother, he's my best friend too. I'm a bit smaller than Bud, just 92 pounds, but I'm still a pretty big girl!

Dakota, what big eyes you have!  Dakota is a four year old, male, Great Dane who is a leaner with long, lanky legs, a loving personality and looks that will melt your heart.  He weighs 140lbs and stands 36" at the shoulder.   He was found as a stray, adopted, but returned as he was escaping the yard.  Dakota is a counter  surfer so put the groceries away as everything is fair game.

You know, sometimes I hear that BDHP adoptive families can't decide between a mastiff and a dane. Do they want a tall, dark, and handsome dane who will be their constant companion and friend? Or do they want a soulful, tender, and sensitive mastiff? If you're on the fence, I'm your guy! Hi, my name is Moose, and I'm a male Daniff! That means I'm a Great Dane / Mastiff mix, and I'm the best of both worlds, if I do say so myself.