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Available Dogs

Latte is a 6-month-old, Black, female Great Dane/Lab Mix. She weighs 40 pounds and is still growing of course. We don't know a lot about her yet since she was found as a stray and came to BDHPI from a shelter, but we do know that she's good with other dogs, and she's super sweet and cuddly. Latte is very well behaved for a puppy and walks great on leash already.

Duke has had quite the life for a 2-year-old Great Dane! He's Fawn with Merle markings on his mask, and he has a white chest, so he's a little big of a unique looking guy.

It should be elementary that you want to adopt me! My name, my dear, is Watson. I'm a 4 1/2-year-old, 170 lb, fawn male English Mastiff. My former owners recently had a baby and they work all the time, so I wasn't getting any attention at all.

Hey there, my name's Chayne! I'm a 4-year-old, Brindle English Mastiff and I'm here in rescue because my family is moving from the country to the city, and they won't have a yard or enough space for a big guy like me. I'm pretty sad to leave them, but I'm looking forward to my next great adventure! I'm house trained, leash trained, and I'm an inside dog.

I've heard that when one door closes, another door opens. Unfortunately, my former owner couldn't keep me, so I'm looking for that new open door to a forever home - could it be at your house? My name is Titus, and I'm a 3-year-old male Great Pyrenees. As you can see, I'm a handsome man, white with tan markings.

Hello, I'm Lola! I'm just a year old, white, female Great Pyrenees. I was living in a home with 3 cats and a 3-year-old small human, but the family was moving to a smaller home without a fenced yard, and I like to wander.

Babies - who needs 'em? Bah! My name is Hans, and I'm a 5-year-old, 100 lb, male Great Dane. I'm a sweet boy and everything was just peachy in my world until the new baby in my former family started crawling around. The boundaries and rules seemed to change, and I really got on edge because of this newcomer I didn't understand.

Chloe is a 1.5 year old, Black, Spayed female Great Dane. She is house trained, crate trained, leash trained, and is learning her basic commands. She is very shy and timid around strangers and it takes her a little while to warm up in new environments, but she is doing great in her foster home now which includes adults, older kids, other dogs, and cats.

Hi, I'm Buster, a 2-year-old, 143 lb, Fawn, male Great Dane. I ended up in rescue because my former owners were relocated and couldn't find a place that would take me or the other Dane that lived with me. We were kept outside at our house, and we didn't have any formal training there, either. I'm looking forward to learning what it means to be an inside dog, and I can't wait to learn new things and learn some good inside manners.

Hello, my name is Scooby, and I'm a 2-year-old, Merle Great Dane who weighs approximately 124 pounds. I came to Big Dogs Huge Paws because my former owner was being relocated and they couldn't find a place that would take two big Great Danes. I came in to rescue with my former housemate Buster. We were primarily kept outside at our last house, so I'm looking forward to learning what it means to be an inside dog!

I've heard the phrase "three's a crowd," but maybe six was a crowd in this case. See, I was living with five other Mastiffs when hard times hit my owners, and my male owner even passed away. So that's why I'm here at BDHP looking for a new pad. I'm Olivia, a 5-year-old female Neapolitan Mastiff. I guess you humans call my color "blue," and that's fine with me. I'm house-trained, leash-trained, and I know my basic commands.

With a name like Thor, you'd expect strength and protection, right? Well, at the very least, I can offer you companionship and slobbery kisses, I guess! I am indeed Thor, a 4-year-old male English Mastiff/Neapolitan Mastiff mix. My owner fell on rough times recently, so I've had to part ways with her (along with the other Mastiffs I lived with - you'll see some of them here at BDHP, too).

Good day, my name is Duchess, and I want nothing more than a home that will treat me like the royalty that I am! I'm a 4-year-old, white Great Pyrenees who is looking for a new home with a nice bed to call my own. I'm very calm, and was totally unphased by the craziness at the shelter when I was there and I am fitting right into my foster home with lots of other dogs.

Jessie is a 2-4 year old, Fawn English Mastiff mix. She's great on leash and will stick right by you. She was surrendered to a Humane Society and has been in at least a couple homes so far, so she is looking for a forever home this go round. We recommend she go to a family with older children only, but she is doing great in her foster home with other dogs and cats.

Maynard the 7-year-old, Black Neapolitan Mastiff mix here! Boy am I glad to be safe with Big Dogs Huge Paws! I was being mistreated in my last living situation, so animal control seized me and I am so glad they did, because now I'm here and no one will hurt me again. Unfortunately, I tested positive for heartworm, but I made it through treatment and I am doing great now.