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Available Dogs

My name is Delilah, and I'm looking for a forever home because I found myself in an awful predicament. I was adopted by someone who I thought cared about me, but after 6 months when things became difficult with the landlord, I was discarded…surrendered for euthanasia. I don't understand.
Who has time for a handsome fella like me? My name is Hunter, and I'm a six-year-old Anatolian Shepherd. My previous owner adopted me with good intentions, but she works too much now and doesn't feel like I get any attention - much less any walking or running around outside time. So she made the tough decision to let BDHP find me the ideal home.
I used to live with three small dogs, a larger dog, and a cat.
You know that Bella means I'm beautiful. I'm a 2-year-old merle, spayed Great Dane. I'm not only beautiful, but I have brains. I'm house trained, leash trained, know sit and down and my foster family will be working on crate training and the rest of my commands. I prefer to spend my time inside (my friends say I'm a couch potato) but if you want to take me for a car ride, I'm there!
Hello there, I'm Ace! I'm a young, 1-2 year old, Boston Blue Merle Great Dane. I am a big boy, which seems to be a given here at Big Dogs Huge Paws. When I say I'm a big boy though, I really mean I'm a big boy - I  weigh 134 lbs and measure 37 inches at the shoulders, so I am VERY tall! Even for a Great Dane, I'm big. So how did I end up here at BDHP?

Although, they call me Torque, there is nothing twisted about me. In fact, I'm as mellow as they come and quite the gentleman. I'm an eight-year-old, fawn, English mastiff, and I'm told that I am super sweet and do not bark, chew or dig. I have an impressive resume´which shows that I am house trained, crate trained, trustworthy with free roam, a skilled leash walker, and a team player when it comes to getting along with other dogs.

Would anyone like to own a big, black Bear that you could walk around the neighborhood on a leash? That'd be pretty cool, right? Well, I am that Bear, and let me tell you a little more about myself. 
I'm a three-year-old male Newfoundland. My owners had a change in their schedule and didn't have enough time for me, so the kind folks at BDHP are helping me find my forever den.
Meet our new friend, Big Black (aka Otis) the 1.5 year old, Mantle, male Great Dane! This adorable mug was found as a stray originally, adopted out, and then came back as a stray a second time at the humane society and sadly, when his owner was contacted, they said they weren't coming back to get him.
"Hi my name is Cabo, but I prefer to go by Miles! I used to sing the Blues, but now my jams are love songs - I'm working on one now called "I fall in love too easily".  I'm a young soulful fawn male bullmastiff, around 2 years old, maybe a little younger, and am looking forward to us looking longingly into each other's eyes and watching sunsets together.  I'm already smiling just thinking about it.
Meet, Bruno! This handsome, 2 year old Great Dane has a gorgeous Blue Merle coat and big goofy ears to go with it! He was dumped at a shelter because his family had a new baby, twin toddlers & two other kids, and they were overwhelmed and unable to give him the love and attention he needs and deserves.

Hello there, I'm Zoie, and I must tell you right off the bat that I am pretty much perfect! So how did I end up here at Big Dogs Huge Paws, you might be wondering? Well, that's a good question and I'm really not sure. I was surrendered to the shelter because my family said I was too big and hard to handle but my foster family says that was just an excuse to get rid of her because there is nothing wrong with me and I am a perfect house guest.

Lena is my name, and I just had a close call, but luckily Big Dogs Huge Paws came to my rescue! I was at a shelter and my time was short there. I'm an 11-month-old, reverse brindle, Presa Canario and I am here to tell you that being in a shelter is scary business. Being in a home is definitely better for me, and I'm hoping that I can let some of my anxiety go now that I'm here.
Gunnie, aka (Johnny Carson) is a 1 year old, fawn, male Great Dane weighing around 100 pounds and another 15 pounds would do him good.  His family left him at the shelter because they did not have room for him. Sadly, part of his tongue is missing and his body does have some scarring.  While at the shelter, Johnny was temperament tested and passed with flying colors.
Killian is an adorable, 1 year old, 75 lb, Black Brindle, Cane Corso with an adorable white stripe on his face. He is all puppy and loves to play but is actually very well behaved in the house and doesn't even chew things he isn't supposed to. He does great with other dogs after proper intros and is living in a house full of other giant playmates that he adores and wrestles with! Killian is also living with older kids and does great with them.

BDHP found me and my sister at the shelter. We were lonely and scared but, now we are happy silly puppies looking for our forever families. My name is Valhalla and I am a 2 month old, male, Brindle, Mastiff mix puppy. I was named after the Norse heaven for fallen soldiers. I am a gentle soul, I love to cuddle and play. I am learning to be a confident puppy and explore. I am learning all about how to be a good puppy and go potty outside. I enjoy chewing bones and kongs.

BDHP found me and my brother at the shelter. We were lonely and scared but, now we are happy silly puppies looking for our forever families. My name is Valkyrie and I am a 2 month old, Brindle, female Mastiff mix puppy. I was named after the Norse mythological women who took the fallen soldiers to Valhalla the afterlife. I am defiantly a goddess, a puppy goddess. I am a very curious puppy, I love to play with people and other dogs. I am learning about cats.